Month: March 2014

Month: March 2014

Founder Speaks: JHOFI’s Role in Public Health

Qiana Brown, founder of Jane’s House of Inspiration (JHOFI), will lead a panel discussion at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health describing how JHOFI combines public health research and practice to address the needs of women, and families recovering from substance use disorders. The talk will take place on,Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, from 12:15pm-1:15pm, at the Hampton House Auditorium located on 624 N. Broadway, Baltimore, MD, 21205.

Stakeholder Panel

Rev. Terrance Brown
The Worship Center Baptist Church
Vice President Jane’s House of Inspiration
CEO TVCOFA Corporation

Brandon Humphries
CIO TVCOFA Corporation

Rosalyn Stewart, MD, MS, MBA
Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins University
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
School of Nursing
School of Public Health

Ben Oldfield, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Amy L. Gawad, MPH
Program Director
Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute

Alex M. Taylor, RPh
Graduate of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Julia Zur, PhD
The George Washington University
School of Public Health and Health Services
Department of Health Policy