Month: September 2011

Month: September 2011

Recovery in our Communities – 2011 Recovery Month

Jane’s House of Inspiration (JHOFI) supports the mission of SAMHSA’s National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) (, by celebrating the milestones reached in the lives of people recovering from substance abuse and mental health problems. Though JHOFI celebrates recovery everyday, whether it’s 2 days clean or 20 years clean, we make an extra effort to sponsor community-wide events each year in September, in observance of Recovery Month.

This year for Recovery Month, we planned a 5k fun-run walk in the East Baltimore Midway (Greenmount) community. The walk was to be accompanied by a celebration of food, festivities, and of course substance abuse prevention resources. The community was excited and involved in the planning of this event the entire way through. Unfortunately, we were rained out – twice! However, there was a silver lining around the rain clouds.

Just as we set up our information tables and began to prepare the food tables in our community garden, the rain started again. By this time our event had already been pushed back due to rain on the originally scheduled date. The community said, “rain won’t stop our celebration this time!” They decided, without prompting from JHOFI, that they would take the food we prepared around to homeless people in the community that were unable to attend the event. So with happy faces and enthusiasm, the community helped JHOFI pack our vans, and we caravanned throughout the neighborhood and delivered food to the homeless! This is the true meaning of recovery.

JHOFI is proud to be a part of the East Baltimore Midway (Greenmount) community, and we are proud of both individual and community level accomplishments made this year toward substance abuse recovery. We look forward to the year ahead, and many more wonderful Recovery Month celebrations.

JHOFI SAMHSA Recovery Event

Come Out and Support this Weekend

Please come out this Saturday, September 17, 2011 for JHOFI’s community fundraiser and SAMHSA Recovery Month event. Also, purchase a T-Shirt to show your support for substance abuse recovery. You can also purchase a southern style fried chicken plate (in advance via line above, or site day of event) to help JHOFI rasie money for substance abuse recovery.




Jane’s House of Inspiration’s (JHOFI) 5K Fun Run/Walk in the East Baltimore Midway (Greenmount) community has been cancelled this year due to inclement weather. Please come out on the following Saturday, September 17, 2011 for JHOFI’s community fundraiser and SAMHSA Recovery Month event. Purchase a T-Shirt to show your support for substance abuse recovery. You can also purchase a southern style fried chicken plate (in advance via line above, or site day of event) to help JHOFI rasie money for substance abuse recovery.


If you have registered to participate in the walk, that porpotion of the registration will be refunded.

Chicken Wing Plate: $10
T-Shirt: $15

Southern Chicken Wing Plate Only: $10
Chicken Wings
Green Beans (no pork)
Potato Salad
Bottled Water or Soda
Order tickets via Eventbrite:

Supporters in Action

Jane’s House of Inspiration (JHOFI) is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization with a mission to create safe, judgment-free environments so that women can heal their minds, bodies, and spirits from substance abuse and become productive members of their families and society.  We recognize that the women we serve cannot live drug-free lives if their families and communities are suffering, so JHOFI’s approach is to treat women as well as to help foster drug-free families and social environments through individual, group, and community-level substance abuse prevention services.  Furthermore, JHOFI strives to advance the cause of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month).

Let me share with you the story of Jane Lee Britton.  Jane Lee Britton, a woman of strong faith, suffered from domestic violence and substance abuse on and off throughout her life.  Ms. Britton, an educated woman with many skills and talents never gave up hope of living a drug-free and abuse-free life; neither did she lose her faith due to her circumstances.  Jane Lee Britton affected the lives of individuals in her community by helping elderly neighbors clean their homes after she returned from work each day, and by sponsoring children’s programs to enrich the lives of youths.  No one ever suspected that such an educated, kindhearted woman would be suffering from domestic and substance abuse.  Eventually, Ms. Britton’s problems with substance abuse became worse, and she found herself at times homeless and without resources to make ends meet.  As a recovering addict with fragile support systems, Ms. Britton found it very difficult to find resources such as employment and quality housing, even after completing treatment programs.  In 2006, Jane Lee Britton graduated from earth to a better place.  Ms. Britton’s daughter, Qiana L. Brown, started Jane’s House of Inspiration in honor of her late mother to ensure that women in similar situations would always have the resources and support they need to recover.  Jane’s House of Inspiration makes a difference in the lives of people like Jane Lee Britton every day, and we celebrate recovery — whether it’s two days clean or two years clean!

In 2006, when JHOFI was founded, according to SAMHSA, 23.6 million people aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use problem, but only 2.5 million received the specialty treatment they needed. Similar disparities between the need for care and receiving care still exist.  Jane’s House of Inspiration is committed to narrowing this treatment gap by targeting women who are otherwise unable to afford or access treatment.  However, persistent support is essential to help the millions of people who have not yet received the services they so desperately need.

Today, you can make a difference by making a financial contribution to JHOFI.  Contributions are tax deductible and your donations will help JHOFI continue to provide free services to individuals, families, and communities. You can become a JHOFI Supporter in Action by donating as little as $16 for 16 weeks, which totals $256:

  • Bronze Supporter in Action – $16 for 16 weeks;
  • Silver Supporter in Action – $500
  • Gold Supporter in Action – $1,000
  • Platinum Supporter in Action – $5,000
  • Lifetime Supporter in Action – $10,000 or more

You can chose to have your contribution support JHOFI’s general mission, or you can support one of our specific programs such as:

  • JHOFI on the Road| Our cross-country community outreach ministry that promotes substance abuse prevention both nationally and globally
  • Holiday Voucher Program| Helps families with an immediate member recovering from substance abuse to meet their needs over the holiday season
  • Scholarship Fund| Awards up to two students each year a supplemental scholarship to continue their education in one of the many helping professions
  • Inspirational Kids Network (IKids Network)| Our premier youth program developed to teach youths the life skills needed to prevent substance abuse and to live healthy, productive lives
  • A-Maze-N Recovery| Community empowerment program
  • Individual based treatment and prevention programs
    • Evidence-based treatment program
    • Faith-based recovery program
    • Long-term case management program  

Please make all checks payable to Jane’s House of Inspiration, and mail to: Jane’s House of Inspiration, 211 E. Lombard Street, Suite 290, Baltimore, MD 21202. Your contributions will positively influence the recovery community, and I hope we can count on your help! Please, be a voice and join in our efforts!

With great appreciation,
Rev. Terrance L. Brown
Regional Executive Director
Jane’s House of Inspiration

II Annual 5K Fun-Run/Walk for Substance Abuse Prevention

Mark Your Calendars

Its that time again! Jane’s House of Inspiration (JHOFI) is hosting its II Annual A-MAZE-N Recovery  5K Fun-Run/ Walk for Substance Abuse Prevention. JHOFI will be walking/ fun-running through the East Baltimore Midway Community (EBMC).  EBMC is a recovering community, that suffers from the perils of illicit drugs and economic hardship. JHOFI has been working throughout the community for over a year now and feels that the community will benefit from seeing the power of numbers walking for recovery. We ask you to register online, and come out to support this great effort. Support Women’s Recovery! Click here to register!